No matter what political analysts say; people believe what Imran Khan promises them

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No matter what political analysts say; people believe what Imran Khan promises them

Despite the huge rallies, first in Lahore and now in Karachi, most of the political analysts are skeptical about Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s ability to make it to the power corridors and to deliver on its promises
of rooting out corruption and turning the country into a welfare state. However, the stated phenomenon exists with these self-proclaimed analysts only, as far common people are concerned, they believe in each and every word of the cricket turned politician
whose popularity is touching skies these days.

The true example of how masses, particularly youth loves and support Imran Khan prevails in his rallies where people seem ready to do anything under the sun to see their leader succeeding in the power game.

Take for example the recent rally in Karachi. Throughout the rally, the crowd, entertained through music and party anthems, seemed believing what Khan promised to deliver. From staunch nationalists to youngsters to more placid
elders, everyone expressed their complete faith in his vision and policy.

Safdar, a labourer in Sohrab Goth, who came on a bus hired by friends, says he supports Khan for his policy against the “interference of the United States of America in every matter”. Khan would be “tough with them”, he added.

From a very small gathering in a bungalow in Islamabad to massive rallies first in Lahore and now Karachi, Malahat, a teacher from Karachi University, has attended many gatherings to support her favorite politician.

Of the support and loyalty to the PTI Malahat says that she supported Khan when not many people did. “He is not corrupt and there is no fear that he might be hiding a lot of secrets. What you see is what you get,” she defends Khan.

Among the “newer lot” of supporters, there were young engineering students, wearing bandanas of the party flags. Giving the reason for supporting Khan, they said that “he is the last hope for Pakistan”.

One of them, Zohaib, a third-year student, said that he did not know of his involvement in any sort of corruption, but “he has the qualities needed to lead a nation, honesty being one of them, which has led him here.”

Apart from supporters, there were people who were just curious bystanders. Though there was a humungous crowd in the ground — 150,000 according to the police — there were many who chose to stand outside the ground.

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