What Makes Everyone Different?

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What Makes Everyone Different?

In our early ages, mainly during our first few years of schooling, we are taught that everyone has a different personality and no one is the same as the other. Uniqueness is the spice of this world that keeps social life so exciting and thrilling whenever
you meet someone new, but the one thing that school did not teach us was how to approach people with different personalities.

It is easy and safe to say that nobody is exactly the same in every aspect, even twins have different personalities and takes on different topics about life in general. People all around you approach and have various approaches to what life really is about.

In the end, the meaning of life actually does not have to be incorporated with religion at all because a number of people belonging to the same faith as you also can be observed to have different viewpoints about why they exist and what the true point to
this world is.

Approaching the opposite-sex in an office environment might have a different reaction from that person as it would be compared to being in a different atmosphere let us say like at the shopping mall or at a party. The secret of making a good first impression
is always preparation and knowing how that person might take what I am about to do according to where you are at the moment.

Politics is another aspect what makes us totally different from each other as what we might consider to be totally flawed and unlawful would be right and a blessing for someone else, it is all about the approach that our mind takes on the situation.

Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s gold, it all depends on what the meaning is interpreted to be in a person’s head.

Even most of the people reading this article might not agree with me in any sense, which is totally natural because you might think my above mentioned opinions might be baseless, but, hey, that is how I think, which makes me different.

When we look back at the times when we were in kindergarten and preschool, we can easily imagine the different type of friends we had or the problems we faced with some kids along with the nervousness and insecurity. Our teacher at that time was someone
we looked to as a role model and a superhero, but now we realise that they were also human beings just working for a living.

The world is a very ambiguous and incoherent place to be living in, but taking it step-by-step, you will come to see that there are some beautiful things and reasons to be living for, whether it is a hobby, people or a person, your job or whatever else.

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