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Gripped by loneliness, sunk in sadness

Sometimes, it feels as if you are all alone in this world, as if there is absolutely nobody who acknowledges or appreciates the fact that you exist. This feeling of isolation can be extremely difficult to deal with. The mind keeps getting heavy as negative thoughts keep filling it up. It is impossible to keep […]

Cajal Institute launches a Facebook application to test a psychological theory

Neuroethology group Cajal Institute, CSIC has launched a Facebook application to study visual intelligence. This is an application that offers a series of games, all based on the estimated number of pencils that appear in images. The game asks to spend just three minutes to the users. Polavieja Gonzalo Garcia, who runs the studio with […]

What Makes Everyone Different?

What Makes Everyone Different? In our early ages, mainly during our first few years of schooling, we are taught that everyone has a different personality and no one is the same as the other. Uniqueness is the spice of this world that keeps social life so exciting and thrilling whenever you meet someone new, but […]


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