Global Warming could drive species extinctions rapidly

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Global Warming could drive species extinctions rapidly

According to recent studies, Global Warming could drive species extinsions with a rapid pace than expected.

according to University of Connecticut ecologist
Mark Urban, "We have really sophisticated meteorological models for predicting climate change. But in real life, animals move around, they compete, they parasitize each other and they eat each other. The majority of our predictions don’t include these
important interactions. This a first step – to include in our models things that we know are true, like competition and dispersal. Knowing these things, can we predict which species might be most at risk?"

He further added, "“When a species has a small range, it’s more likely to be outcompeted by others. It’s not about how fast you can move, but how fast you move relative to your competitors."

The global warming has affected almost every country over the past few years and things are getting worse by the day. There is a need to control this rapid change in the climate before it gets too late for everyone.

As per an article published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, animals are more vulnerable than humans to the changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The United Nations (UN) has been worried on the rapid climatic changes in the past decade and wants the countries to respond to the situation before it gets too late.

Earlier, the World Bank’s envoy for climate change Andrew Steer also predicted that the changes in climate will bring more floods and disasters to the world. He stressed that steps should be taken to make this world a better place for everyone.

Floods have really caused a lot of damage to the world in the past few years. The concerning thing is that the intensity and frequency of such disasters is increasing day by day.

Last year, hundreds of people died in severe floods in Pakistan. The same happened this year in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Apart from the deaths, millions of people were left homeless and had to struggle against hunger, poverty and disease.

If things continue like this, things will go out of control. It is high time for every country to react to this situation before it gets too late."


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