Judiciary should stay away from politics, says Asma Jahangir

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Judiciary should refrain from being politicised, says Asma Jahangir

While talking to media persons in Lahore High Court on Wednesday, the former Pakistan’s Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Asma Jahangir stated that it is the parliament, instead of judiciary, which is supreme in the country.

According to Jahangir, the interference of judges in politics is an unacceptable breach of jurisdiction. If they were so interested in becoming a part of the political system, then they should consider taking part in elections.

She advised the judiciary to stop living in the delusion that they are “all-knowledgeable.” According to her, the judges had done their share of wrong in the past, which included a disregard for the decisions taken by the parliament, pointing at the judiciary’s
denouncement of the appointment system that had been designed by the parliamentary committee.

Jahangir also talked about judiciary’s role during military take-overs. Rather than condemning the military coup, the courts decided to side with the army on more occasions than one, thus making the whole campaign seem legal and justified.

Despite not agreeing with some of the recent verdicts given by the Supreme Court, which included the Memo-gate scandal as well as the National Reconciliation Ordinance NRO), the former Supreme Court Bar Association president stressed that the government
should implement the court’s orders rather than going for confrontation.

While she advised the government to implement court’s order, she also stated that the Supreme Court should stop focusing their entire attention on the NRO case and its implementation and start giving time to thousands of other pending cases.

The government and Supreme Court are currently at a standoff over the issue of NRO and the implementation of the court’s verdict. As per the judgement of the Supreme Court, the Ordinance stood void ab-initio and therefore all the cases that had been closed
following the illegal and immoral law were to be reopened.

The court further required the government to write a letter to the Swiss authorities to reopen the cases against President Asif Ali Zardari who was convicted of money laundering over a decade ago, stashing $6 Billion stolen from the Pakistani nation in Swiss

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2 Comments for “Judiciary should stay away from politics, says Asma Jahangir”

  1. Asma

    Miss Asma there check & balance parliament might be supreme but failed parliament no wonder people had to take the matter to judiciary.

  2. Yousuf

    Read thr History. It is judiciary ,Who has been siding with army

    and never with the civil governments , or publicly elected parliaments.

    Right Now most important case is pending since decades , it is about approximately 250000 Pakistanis ,forced to stay in Red Cross camps in Bangladesh since 40 years. Their basic rights are denied , They have been refused of passport issuance.
    Federal Education , Minority ministries e and HEC has been dissolved under 18th amendment.
    When these cases will heard.

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