Chrysler 300 SRT8 – New 2012 model is up for grabs – Part 2

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The dashboard is decorated with an 8.4-inch LCD that gives more services than just audios and videos. The stereo is connected to almost every gadget and control in the car. Although the screen is touch-sensitive, it has remote controls on the steering wheel as well. The computers inside calculate everything from miles-per-gallon averages, both in-city and on-highway, 0 to 60 mph averages, braking distances. Anything below the standards and the computer gives an intimation of service or repair.

The stereo itself is a high-tech gadget with 7.1-channel surround sound and HD video support. The rear-view camera footage, Bluetooth, Sat-Nav and GPS come as a standard in the system.

However, the most stunning feature of the car is the traffic sensors that not only help in the parking the car but they also assist in the adaptive cruise control and pre-collision warning system.

The sensors not only assist the driver of the cars in the next lanes and in front and back on the highway but also in intra-city commute. This is helpful in controlling the car running into the sides of other cars.

The adaptive cruise control helps in a pedal free drive on the highways and within the city as well. The sensors adapt to the speed of the car in the front and keep the appropriate distance one the cruise feature is turned on.

The pre-collision system works wonders and promptly warns the driver of the obstacles ahead. The sensors provide the data and the computers do the math in predicting anything ahead of the vehicle with a potential of being hit; examples are trees in sharp and speedy turns, pavements, and other cars.

In a nutshell, the car is one beautiful piece of engineering that takes on the old charms in new style and gadgets.

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