Microsoft’s Xbox 720 to have two different models on release

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The next generation of Microsoft gaming consoles to diversify with one model focused more on the Kinect and casual gamers.

Nintendo officially kicked off the next generation console war when they announced the Nintendo Wii U at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The reveal was met with a lukewarm response as many were left not knowing what to think of the piece of kit.

At the same time speculation increased when it came to what Microsoft and Sony would be announcing and have been waiting for any form of concrete news since.

The only things that have been confirmed are the fact that Sony will be the last to announce their console and that both Microsoft and Sony have their respective consoles in development.

However, reports have emerged that Microsoft is set to launch two distinct models of its next generation console. One will be the standard hardcore version for the serious gamer boasting serious graphics and processing power and the second is set to be aimed
more at the causal gamer market.

The latter will rely more on the motion control peripheral, the Kinect, and will feature more family friendly and party game titles. One can expect Kinect Sports, Kinectimals and other similar titles to feature prominently for the console.

Another report which has been gaining momentum and acceptability is the fact that consumers can use their Xbox 720 consoles as a DVR or Digital Video Recorder. The rumour spread when a patent was discovered online that described, in some detail, that Microsoft
had registered a device that could record digital video.

Oh, and also that it was part of a certain console. If one was to draw a line between the two dots then coming to the Xbox 720 being a DVR conclusion is easy.

However, it should be noted that at this point in time there is more rumour and speculation on the internet than fact when it comes to both the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 3 and everyone will have to wait until E3 at the earliest to get any concrete details
on those particular consoles. 

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