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Sharp announces iPhone 5 LCDs will be ready to ship in August

Sharp has officially announced that it is manufacturing LCD displays for Apple’s newest edition of its flagship smartphone iPhone, widely referred to as iPhone 5. The company further said that it will start shipping the screens in August. According to the press, Sharp made the announcement in a press briefing, presided by President Takashi Okuda. […]

What is the best time to buy a video game console?

With news surrounding the next generation of consoles heating up and the current generation nearing the end of their lifecycle figures out what’s the best time to buy a console. Technological advances are taking place at a blistering pace with smart phones and tablet PCs constantly evolving. While the video game industry does not […]

Microsoft’s Xbox 720 to have two different models on release

The next generation of Microsoft gaming consoles to diversify with one model focused more on the Kinect and casual gamers. Nintendo officially kicked off the next generation console war when they announced the Nintendo Wii U at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The reveal was met with a lukewarm response as many were left not […]

To save up for the Xbox 720 or PS4, or enjoy the 360 and PS3?

The next generation of video game consoles are just around the corner, but should consumers be looking to get them right away or hang on to the current generation for a while longer? When the original PlayStation was announced it sold rather well as did its successor, the PlayStation 2. However, the PlayStation 3 did […]

iPhone 5 rumoured to have bigger screen and 4G capability – Part 1

The start of the New Year for Apple means new rumours on its products and keeping the company’s history in sight, it always has a surprise in the bag. The most awaited among Apple’s line-up of devices, iPhone is the most discussed. There have been new developments in the news regarding the smartphone and a […]

iPhone 5 rumoured to have bigger screen and 4G capability – Part 2

In addition to gossips related to the screen, there has been a buzz created around the device regarding its specifications. These rumours actually root out from the demands the users have for the next device that hits the shelves. As the market is overpopulated with 4G-LTE smartphones, the iPhone still has the older 3G technology […]


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