Beware of the serpents living among us

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Beware of the serpents living among us

It is so depressing to find the world filled with selfish and heart-less people who are ready to step over anyone to attain their goals. They seem to possess absolutely no conscience when it comes to fulfilling their needs, which are mostly comprised of
money and power.

Every day in our life we come across people who seem pretty sweet, but are in fact serpents who are slowly injecting with their poison. They see us as an obstacle in their path to success and therefore feel no hesitation in giving us the same treatment as
one would give his most bitter enemy. Even in the latter scenario, there is a high probability of one’s humanity and conscience to intervene, something that is completely missing when a serpent’s stealthy approach to neutralise his target.

It is quite common to become aware of the threat before some serious damage has been done to us by these selfish people. However, a number of factors keep the person from taking a stand and grabbing the serpent by the throat due to the consequences that
may follow.

The serpents are so cunning that they ensure that all the bases are covered before they make their move, in case things do not go as planned. Therefore, detecting the danger is just one of the most convenient things for the target. Getting the selfish person
to admit his intentions and ensuring that he does not plan on harming you again is where the real complication lies.

It is best to always stay on your toes as the ambitions and greed of some people can prove to be quite lethal. Becoming aware of the lurking danger and coming up with a proper plan to handle the situation is a must before taking any action as any premature
move to apprehend that person is bound to make things go against you due to the cunning nature of such people.

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