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The death of a loved one

When a loved one passes away, it seems as if that person has taken away a huge chunk of you with him. There is a feeling of emptiness that can neither be seen nor felt by others. Even the person who has suffered the lass seems incapable of putting his grief and emotions into words. […]

Methane can be a clean energy source according to scientists

Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are researching ways to use methane as a clean energy source by capturing the CO2 byproduct in an ice-like state. The researchers are using SNAP to look at the molecular level relationship between methane and water to better understand how hydrocarbons are taken up and released in the […]

Beware of the serpents living among us

Beware of the serpents living among us It is so depressing to find the world filled with selfish and heart-less people who are ready to step over anyone to attain their goals. They seem to possess absolutely no conscience when it comes to fulfilling their needs, which are mostly comprised of money and power. Every […]


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