NA Committee directs to shift Rinkle Kumari (Faryal Shah) to Islamabad

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In order to given protection against severe threats to their lives, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights directed the Sindh police to move two Hindu girls, including Rinkle Kumari (Faryal Shah), to Islamabad.

The panel took the matter after the Sindh police expressed concerns over the protection of Rinkle Kumari (Faryal Shah) and Lata Kumari, who were alleged kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam.

Chairperson of the NA Standing Committee on Human Rights Riaz Fatyana said the two girls will be shifted to Islamabad via the first flight available on the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Monday.

While speaking to media, he observed, “I have directed the Sindh police to shift the girls to Islamabad for better security”.

Earlier, Additional IG Police Sindh Falak Khurshid told the committee that both girls were forcibly kidnapped in connivance of some political names. The IG, however, made it clear that both girls in their statements refused to take reunion with their families.

The chairperson said that some sitting parliamentarians were allegedly involved in such atrocious incidents and were attempting to cover up the issue. Conversely, he did not ascertain their names.

During the meeting of the committee, the legislators were told that Rinkle Kumari, one of the two girls, is facing death threats from a sitting MNA and his family. They avoided disclosing the name of the said member due to sensitivity of the issue.

The panel was also told during the proceedings that two other Hindu girls, Bharti, the daughter of Narain, and Rajee, the daughter of Moro Kolhi, were also kidnapped and have not been recovered thus far. On which, the committee directed the law enforcement agencies at the earliest.

According to the report, Rajee was picked up from Pir Sakhai village near Tando Muhammad Khan district while Bharti was kidnapped from Mohammad Khan Road Khadda Baghdadi months back.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has also taken up the notice, summoning Rinkle Kumari on March 26.

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13 Comments for “NA Committee directs to shift Rinkle Kumari (Faryal Shah) to Islamabad”

  1. Roshni

    Very good decision ,I hope the girl will get justice soon. We all are praying for her……..

  2. Roshni

    I am requesting to the Government of Pakistan that,please let her parents to meet her because she can only tell the truth in front of her parents .Rinkle has still fear from her kidnappers ,she might be still uncertain to get Justice.

  3. Chander Kolhi

    I expect that she will be free to think what she really desire to say. Many Rinkles have earlier got injustice and are still leading worst lives; many of them had suicide. I feel that if she come out and say that she was forced to other religion then a war can begin between Hindus and Muslims which can make the situation worst as the situations are already worst. I feel there could have been justice if there was the reign of Military as it knows the value of discipline.

  4. IHSAN

    I think she is free in accepting any religion but few so called leaders are highlighting this issue even I met with PIR Mian MItho he said that Faryal Bibi was not forced and she accepted islam without any pressure.

  5. kaml

    yadhee be khan faislo be khan karay

  6. Khalid

    Rinkle Kumari or Faryal Shah “She looks gorgeous “

  7. Barry Richard

    We want to know who the bloody hell is the MNA doing sitting in the assmebly.His name should be published by all media to show how mean and low mentality they have.These girls should be produced open in the court and asked if they have been kidnapped and taken away and who did it no matter he is from PPP or functional PML or other party.Then those persond should ne put behind the bars and the case should be carried out in the open court.

  8. Shafeek

    there is no compulsion in accepting islam, it is also mentioned in Quran.

    i hope all pakistani leader will understand Islam better and follow it properly for the prosperity of the their own country and a good example of Muslim Umma

  9. fraz sunni

    In pakistan, there is no compulsion on religion,,every one is free to act .However, the persons involved in it ie MNA should be interrogated.

  10. gautam

    Rinkle kumari should accept Islam,if that can save her life.By accepting Islam there is no theat to Hinduism, We are in crores to carry on this religion

  11. Vikram

    Well!!! since they can’t provide security in sindh so they shuffle people…..and can’t name the MNA’s even due to sensitivity of issue then I suppose what happened in Gujarat was totally justifiable and such incidents should be repeated in India in order to tame the muslims………burn muslims alive again.Wait for Narendra Modi to come in power and then you will see what we do in Sindh……..we will remove Pakistan from the face of earth.

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