Review of best games of all time – Mass Effect 2 (Part 1)

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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2, a landmark game that fulfills all the promise of its predecessor while taking its own strides full, has come to PC, Xbox 360 as well as Playstation 3. BioWare’s second act in the trilogy has lived up to all of the hype, delivering intense action, dramatic story telling and one of the most personal games ever created.

This epic sci-fi role-playing game continues the story of Commander Shepherd, a distinguished solider who knows first=hand of impending galactic apocalypse and the suicidal steps that must be taken to avert it. It is also a story of love, friendship and family faced with hopeless odds. Of civilization at its tipping point and of the darkest recesses that are manually brought to the forefront. It is a character driven tale that continues to get better with each new introduction to the fantastic cast of heroes and it is all told in that same cinematic style and interactivity that made Mass Effect one of the most amazing role-playing games in recent history.


To say that mass effect 2 is cinematic and interactive will only begin to explain the presentation.  The excellent direction and outstanding voice acting is back. The game is still so far ahead of the pack.

Mass effect 2 also provides a really interesting twist. Provided that you have played through the first mass effect and have not erased you save data, the sequel will take all the decision made there to personalise the story. Add in the new choices in this game and you will have one of the most personal video games ever. The main plot will not drastically change, but the overall experience most certainly will. That is why this game will be so much more powerful if you have played the first one.

If you took issue with some of the technical problems that mass effect 1 suffered from, BioWare was listening. Long elevator rides and slow-loading textures are out. Generic side-missions as well as pointless explorations are gone. The menus have been streamlined, as has the inventory and upgrade system. The result is a cleaner field that allows the artistic style of mass effect 2 to truly shine. It really is a beautiful game.

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