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Learn your Dota 2 Heroes: Davion the Dragon Knight

Davion the Dragon Knight, also known as Knight Davion, is a melee strength hero who can attain the ability to deal ranged attacks. He is a beast of a hero that can take a lot of damage and also carry with the right item set. His skills synergise quite well with his role as both […]

Blizzard and its pot of gold Diablo III

Diablo III can be aptly regarded as a pot of gold for Blizzard Entertainment, a company that has established itself as the leading brand when it comes to role-playing games (RPG) for the PC. After doing wonders with the World of WarCraft franchise, the company returned to a franchise that had helped it in gaining […]

Star Citizen funding campaign ends with $6 million

The crowd-funding campaign for the highly-anticipated space simulation Star Citizen wrapped up yesterday, with thrice the amount of original $2 million target being raised in funds. The latest project by industry veteran and creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, Chris Roberts, had opted to fund the space simulation through crowd-funding instead of getting tied to […]

Rockstar to banish Max Payne 3 cheaters to Cheaters Pool – Gaming News

Rockstar to banish Max Payne 3 cheaters to Cheaters Pool – Gaming News Rockstar has announced that it will be punishing gamers using cheats in May Payne 3 by relegating them to “Cheaters Pool.” Like countless other games, the latest tile in the May Payne franchise has been infected with cheaters who are killing the […]

GSC Game World shuts down and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 gets buried– Gaming News

Ukrainian developer GSC Game World has been shut down and thus the sequel of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has been scrapped to make way for new projects. The company made the announcement regarding the fate of the studio and its popular shooter game on Wednesday, April 25. The company explained that the decision to shut down the GSC […]

Review of best games of all time – Mass Effect 2 (Part 2)

Mass Effect 2 Gameplay The gameplay has also seen revisions and improvements. Small tweaks in controls and combat mechanics deliver something for both the hardcore role-playing games as well as shooter action games fans. The combat is intense and thrilling, thanks in no small amount to the reworked classes which have new skills and their […]

Review of best games of all time – Mass Effect 2 (Part 1)

Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2, a landmark game that fulfills all the promise of its predecessor while taking its own strides full, has come to PC, Xbox 360 as well as Playstation 3. BioWare’s second act in the trilogy has lived up to all of the hype, delivering intense action, dramatic story telling and […]


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