Learn your Dota 2 Heroes: Davion the Dragon Knight

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Davion the Dragon Knight, also known as Knight Davion, is a melee strength hero who can attain the ability to deal ranged attacks.

He is a beast of a hero that can take a lot of damage and also carry with the right item set. His skills synergise quite well with his role as both a tank as well as carry.

His first ability is named Breathe Fire and it is a generic Area of Effect (AoE) nuke that will deal 300 damage to units up to 900 units away at its highest level. This is commonly used as a finishing move against heroes or creeps. With a cool-down of merely 12 seconds, the skill can be spammed.

Dragon Knight’s second skill is named Dragon Tail. It is one of the longest single target stuns in the entire game. It deals a measly 100 damage at Level 4, but will stun for 3.25 seconds. The catch in the skill is that you need to be at melee range to your target in order to pull it off.

Knight Davion’s third skill is named Dragon Blood. It is a passive ability that at Level 4 will increase your health regeneration by 5 and additionally grant you +8 armour permanently. Although it comes off as a boring spell, it will be of immense use to your throughout the game as it boosts your tanking capacity, whereas the regeneration is of great utility for obvious reasons. Keep in mind that the armour counts as base armour and not as an addition.

Elder Dragon Form is Davion’s ultimate and it is arguably one of the coolest ultimates in the game. When activated, it will transform Dragon Knight into a dragon for 60 seconds at all levels while making his attacks ranged instead of melee. A unique dragon is created at each level.

An example of this is that the Level 1 dragon is named Green Dragon, which has a passive called Corrosive Breath. Corrosive Breath deals 20 damage per second for 5 seconds to any target you attack. Keep in mind that although it is magic damage, it also works on structures. The Level 2 dragon is named Red Dragon and it has a built-in splash attack that deals a 100% percent in 75 AoE, 75% damage in a 150 AoE and 50% damage in a 250 AoE.

Lastly, the Level 3 dragon is the almighty Blue Dragon. He retains the splash attack from the previous dragon, but has an added passive called Frost Breath. Frost Breath is basically like having a Skadi, so all your attacks will slow enemies by 30% and reduce their attack speed by 20%, with the debuffs lasting 3 seconds.

A side note to the Knight Davion’s ultimate is that when in dragon form, the casting range of his second skill Dragon’s Tail will increase, which can come in real handy.

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