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Learn your Dota 2 Heroes: Davion the Dragon Knight

Davion the Dragon Knight, also known as Knight Davion, is a melee strength hero who can attain the ability to deal ranged attacks. He is a beast of a hero that can take a lot of damage and also carry with the right item set. His skills synergise quite well with his role as both […]

DotA: Anub’arak, the Nerubian Assassin

There are a lot of heroes that strike fear in the heart of their enemies in Defence of the Ancients, more commonly referred to as DotA, but there is hardly any hero as fearsome as the Nerubian Assassin, an agility melee hero found in the Scourge’s cavern. Also known as Anub’arak, the Nerubian Assassin starts […]


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