Review of best games of all time – Mass Effect 2 (Part 2)

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Mass Effect 2


The gameplay has also seen revisions and improvements. Small tweaks in controls and combat mechanics deliver something for both the hardcore role-playing games as well as shooter action games fans.

The combat is intense and thrilling, thanks in no small amount to the reworked classes which have new skills and their own set of exciting experience, which will surely give you a reason to play the game over and over again, each time with a different class. Do check out the vanguard’s charge or the infiltrator’s cloaking ability.

It does not hurt that BioWare put in new emphasis on exploration, while also removing all of the generic cut-and-paste quests that so many games suffer from, mass effect 1 included. Every major side-quest has its own story and unique area to explore. Little extra missions exists only for those willing to explore every bit of the vast galaxy. A new gameplay twist keeps all of the quests from growing stale,

Technical improvements are great, but it’s the role-playing aspects that really make mass effect 2 so memorable. The class and skill system allow you to make shepherd truly your own. It is also talking to the various galactic citizens and making some tough decisions that allow you to really personalise the game. BioWare surely is approaching the ideal role-playing experience that is both cinematic and unique to the individual. Everybody that plays mass effect 2 will get something a bit different and that is an incredible achievement.

Even with all the improvements, both technical and artistic, mass effect 2 is not a perfectly posh game. Everything from getting stuck in the environment to sound coming to game crashes do occur, they do not occur often enough to ruin the experience.


The first mass effect game was well ahead of the pack in so many ways. The sequel continues to push those boundaries while cleaning out the technical issues and nearly perfecting the game mechanics. This is an experience that delivers in every way that matters. Pick any aspect of the game and you can be sure it will be great. Combat, voice acting, story-telling, replay value, artistic style, they are all fantastic. It is also one of the most personal games that you will ever play, adapting remarkably to your past actions in mass effect 1, as well as the choices you make in the sequel.

The only drawback is that some of the cool moments and revelations will not come over that well if you have not played the first part of the trilogy. However, that is no reason to miss out on this wonderful game.


Due to excellent cinematic direction, tight gameplay and personal experience, the game gets 9.6 out of 10.

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