The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

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Did AMC’s the Walking Dead’s finale live up to expectations or did it fall flat and disappoint?

The Walking Dead recently concluded its second season in what was a rollercoaster of a ride for all those who watched it and not just in terms of the relationships or emotions of the characters but also in terms of the slight inconsistency when it came to
the episodes.

The second season was split into two halves, with the first half taking the group to a farm, where they met up with Hershel and his family, who seemed to be by and large, unaffected by the rise of the undead.

At the same time, Rick’s son, Carl, had been shot by one of Hershel’s men and we spend the first few episodes seeing him nursed back to health. Shane killing off Otis to save himself, and a number of other subplots that begin to unfold with each passing

Yet, the main story of the first half of the season is the group’s search for Sophia, who got separated from the group following an ambush by the walkers. At the end of the first half of the season the group finds out that Sophia had been a walker the entire
time in a barn where Hershel had kept anyone who ‘turned’ in the hopes that they would one day find a cure.

The second half builds up to Rick killing Shane, with Dale being killed by a walker in the episode before that. The finale though has a full-fledged battle between the survivors and a seemingly endless horde of the undead.

The group is split up as they fight for their lives before they regroup and move on. The show ends with Rick confessing that he had hid the fact that everyone was infected and would turn into a walker when they died and declares that if anyone does not wish
to follow him then they are more than welcome.

The show ends with a brief shot of a prison, which if anyone has read the comics, will know is where the next season will take place as Rick looks for a place they can ‘make secure’ against the walkers.

All in all, the season finale was action packed and set things up brilliantly for the next season.

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