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The Walking Dead EP 4 Will Make You Want to Cry Your Heart Out!

It has been all action throughout The Walking Dead series but episode 4 ‘Killer Within’ has definitely got to be the most emotional one of all as those who have not watched it yet should gear up to cry their hearts out by the time it comes to an end.   The prison seemed to […]

The Walking Dead Season 2 review

AMC’s the Walking Dead series was the answer for fans of the ‘zombie’ genre who had nothing to keep their headshot urges occupied, but did the second season live up to its predecessor or did it disappoint? The first season of the Walking Dead had everyone talking and the season finale was watched by over […]

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Did AMC’s the Walking Dead’s finale live up to expectations or did it fall flat and disappoint? The Walking Dead recently concluded its second season in what was a rollercoaster of a ride for all those who watched it and not just in terms of the relationships or emotions of the characters but also in […]

The Walking Dead motion comic on YouTube is amazing!

AMC’s TV series’ second season may have come to a close yet there is still plenty of The Walking Dead content for those who want it. After watching the season finale of the second season of The Walking Dead, I could not bear the thought that I had to wait a couple of months for […]

Top 3 reasons to watch The Walking Dead

There are a number of TV series out there that will have the audience hooked from the beginning to the very end. AMC’s the Walking Dead is one of them and here are three reasons why. House MD, Suits, Madmen, Spartacus and A Game of Thrones, among others, really blur the line between television and […]

The Walking Dead – Watch your backyard this fall

The Walking Dead – Watch your backyard this fall Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead is back with scarier and faster zombies. The second season of this post-apocalyptic horror television series is currently on air. It premiered on October 16th, 2011 and comprises of thirteen episodes unlike six in the original. The series follows the aftermath […]


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