The Walking Dead EP 4 Will Make You Want to Cry Your Heart Out!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 5:14:05 by

It has been all action throughout The Walking Dead series but episode 4 ‘Killer Within’ has definitely got to be the most emotional one of all as those who have not watched it yet should gear up to cry their hearts out by the time it comes to an end.


The prison seemed to be secure enough for Rick and his group of survivors to stay put and try and life a normal life as they started off by piling up all the walkers bodies, but soon, all things went to hell as a mistake he made previously comes back to haunt him and key members of the gang.


Viewers will soon realise that this is not like any other Walking Dead episode in which all things come to a happy ending, but a lot of things will happen, forcing a lot of them to regret they ever watched it.


Episode 4 focuses mostly on Rick and the others instead of the Governor’s retreat, which mostly episode 3 dealt with, which was a good change but there is still a lot of suspicion in regards to what that guy is really up to. Andrea made a map for Merle, in which she points out where Darryl was seen last with the group. Seeing how the Governor just killed a bunch of soldiers when should have saved them, Merle seems to be feeling a little insecure taking him along to go and look for his brother and the rest.


I definitely cannot wait for episode 5 and what it holds, but things are just going to be going uphill from here on, that is for sure.

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