The Walking Dead Season 2 review

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AMC’s the Walking Dead series was the answer for fans of the ‘zombie’ genre who had nothing to keep their headshot urges occupied, but did the second season live up to its predecessor or did it disappoint?

The first season of the Walking Dead had everyone talking and the season finale was watched by over 5-million viewers. That put plenty of pressure on the second season to live up to the hype that its predecessor had created.

In an effort to ensure that the second season could live up to the promise, AMC decided to break the season into two parts with half the season airing before taking a break of a few weeks and airing the second half afterwards.

The first half followed the premise of Rick and his group of survivors being ambushed by a herd of walkers (zombies) and one of the children, Sophia, running off into the woods. The remainder of the episodes had the group searching for her and revolved around
how the characters began forming into groups based on whether they wanted to continue the search or leave her for dead.

It also introduced a number of new characters including Hershel, who later on plays a significant role in developing the plot.

The first half ended with *SPOILER* the group finding a barn full of walkers before they kill every last one of them. The walkers had been kept there by Hershel who believed that they could be cured one day. However, when Sophia walks out as a zombie no
one has it in them to kill her, so Rick steps up to the task in what has to be one of the most intense, vindictive scenes in any TV series or film for that matter. *SPOILER END*

The second season sees a number of events happen all at once and without going into too much detail, it basically results in an all out battle between the survivors on Hershel’s farm and a horde of walkers.

The ending itself sets up the next season nicely as they not only reveal a new character but also show the premise of the next season as well.

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