CNG vehicles: A source of death

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We hear a great deal about drone attacks and cross-border firing and it remains a top priority for political parties to score points.

However, no one bothers about CNG cylinder blasts, which in fact is a bigger issue and we ourselves can resolve it.

No one would realize that more have been killed in CNG cylinder explosions than in attacks by the US drone strikes.

The latter has led to protest demonstrations of every kind and threatens our ties with the United States while no one seems concerned about the outcomes of the former one.

A report prepared by Civil Society Front (CSF) of Pakistan has claimed that at least 2, 000 people were killed in cylinder blasts in last year.

According to the report, this figure is four times more than the number killed in the strikes carried out US unmanned aircrafts.

Certainly, we do not even know what the actual figure for killings of drone attacks is but with the ever-present possibility that they may have been far away from the above mentioned digit.

The objective of making a comparison is not to reduce the intensity of the drone attacks but to get the attention of higher authorities regarding CNG cylinder blasts.

The report said that the figures for gas cylinder deaths may increase this year, explaining that nothing has been done to resolve the problem thus far.

The issue has not been taken up as a seriously despite deaths in cylinder blasts are regularly reported by the media.

The organization deserves credit for its pioneering role in raising the problem. The CSF also suggested laws to regulate the use of low quality cylinders if we want to resolve the issue and prevent a death toll.

The issue needs to be taken up before more people are so needlessly killed, simply as a result of administrative indifference and inefficiency.

The government should introduce rules and regulations for the use of f CNG cylinders in public transport vehicles. Most of the cases were occurred in public transport vehicles.

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