Stop discrimination to make a better Pakistan

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Stop discrimination to make a better Pakistan

Discrimination is the major factor that disturbs society’s smooth sailing and thus creates many problems particularly for downtrodden people. In Pakistan, it has become a common evil that primarily stems from this so-called class difference.

General masses of Pakistan are living on the two extremes and it has become very difficult to get rid of discrimination.

Nonetheless, it is difficult but not impossible to get rid of this social evil which is creating a wide gulf between people and is creating a feeling of hate in their hearts.

The existence of discrimination in our society can be found in various forms. Those people who are rich or have established a higher position in society on the basis of wealth and power do not even like to think about the downtrodden class.

Rich people hate the poor and often behave them in a completely inhuman way. This behaviour of the rich brings bad feelings in the hearts of the poor and the gap between these two classes grows bigger.

The middle class that always remains busy in maintaining their status by hook or by crook is also responsible for this discrimination.

People who belong to middle class always support the rich and try to avoid the poor in order to gain personal benefits. One of the many personal advantages is to gain bribery, which is the most common form of corruption.

Whereas, talking about the officials of different government departments also give importance to those people who have a rich physical appearance. They always talk to them nicely.

When they deal with a poor man, they always become indifferent and often rebuke
them in an insulting way. Such a discriminating behaviour of officials is stretching the gap between the rich and the poor.

An important example of discrimination in this country is that the rich always do wrong but never get punishment because of their wealth and power.

Then again, when a poor man commits a mistake, he pays a severe price to that mistake, whether intentional or un-intentional.

That means the law is made only for the poor, not for the rich, as the socially well off people always remain beyond the reach of the law.

Another key factor in this regard is the education system of Pakistan which creates huge gap between the students of private institutes and public institutes.

It gives birth to inferiority complex among those who cannot afford to take admission in an English medium school or who do not have a strong family background.

Nevertheless, this huge gap can be reduced to a maximum extent by making reforms in the education system by introducing a single course for private and public institutes.

Rule of law is another step which will help in shrinking the class discrimination. This social evil can be reduced, if not fully eliminated, if the officials of government start working on these two steps.

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1 Comment for “Stop discrimination to make a better Pakistan”

  1. Shahrukh Khan

    Indeed Discrimination is one of the top issue beside corruption, stealing public walth, abusing Power, naming non qualified persons for higher position
    and many many many more issues
    Unless a Merit based system is implemented Discrimnation will continue
    As long as Corrupts are ruling elite Discrimination will continue.
    As long as Peoples follow calls for Mahajir, Punjabi , Sindhi, Pathan and bloach not justice for all Pakistan Discrimination will continue
    As long as People choose their leader based on their jahilyat and workship them like saints discrimination will continue.
    As long as every one think of them self (apna apna kerlo mulk yeh dosra jaye bahaard mein) Discrimination will continue
    As long as corrupt police and Judiciuray exist Discrimination will continue
    As long Rich and corrupt will use their money and illegit power discrimination will continue
    Elect PTI to get rid of these diseases from Pakistan

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