Story behind big organization with big spending on lobbying – Part 2

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Government recently tabled CISPA in the Congress to revamp the anti-terrorism measures in the country. According to the act, all online social networking websites and businesses will be bound to provide the government agencies with information that has the potential of terrorism.

Google and Facebook are trying to lobby with the Congress officials and other government agencies that if they provide the government with viable and important information, the other side will return the favour with the same.

However, the public is taking serious note of the vagueness of the act, as to which kind of information is terrifying and who receives it and when. Currently, there is no surety that the information will not land in any unchartered territory because in the past it has happened on a number of occasions.

Federal Trade Commission warned Facebook last year for sub-standard security and privacy measures in The Social Network’s system.

Do Not Track

Many companies provide online services to the consumers all over the world but in return they take valuable information from the users, especially kids, like the location and other personal information. Representatives Ed Markey and Joe Barton have presented the Do Not Track Kids act because these companies collect personal information from oblivious children without the consent of their guardians or parents.

Commerce Department is pushing Do Not Track for adults, saying in a recent white paper that it’s content with private industry coming up with an option for consumers to signal they do not need online tracking by advertisers, browsers, and websites.


The Stop Online Privacy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Acts were recently in news. The laws clearly stated possible surveillance of the users all over the world in case of any possible infringement of copy rights and other intellectual rights. However, a strong resentment from Google, Facebook and Microsoft, and organized protest from the likes of Wikipedia and Reddit thwarted the acts from getting approved.

Story behind big organization with big spending on lobbying – Part 1

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