Dodge Charger R/T 2012 Model: Full Review – Part 1

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The 2012 Dodge Charger R/T is out and available for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $29,995 for the base model. The new Charger has the same R/T badge on boot as the 2011 did but there are certain upgrades that make it a good car for the term ahead.

Though the R/T is not as powerful as the SRT8 or as fuel efficient as the SXT but it is a sweet amalgamation of both, coupled with a good tech in the cabin. The new R/T has some of the best features in the market in addition to a powerful engine that is not as made as SRT8 but no dull as a hybrid; it lies in the comfort zone somewhere in the middle.

The shape has got its little make-up from the mother company, Chrysler, if not a complete make-over. However, the basic aesthetics are still the same. The power train includes at V8 with an automatic transmission which has its lows but ultimately provides the comfort a sedan can provide.

The cabin tech has been upgraded with optional Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio system and a very easy-to-use navigational system. The audio and voice recognition systems are good but there are three VR modules you have to muscle with.

Under the hood is a 5.7 litre V8 beast that breathes 370 horse powers to the rear wheels. Though the figure is a turn-off compared to SRT8’s 6.7 litre engine that unleashes 100 more horses with tons of torque. However, at 370 hp and 395 pound-feet torque the R/T is not a bad bargain, after all we are talking about a sedan, right.

The transmission is 5-speed automatic shifts that is tuned down from 8-speed gear-box in the much more fuel efficient SXT. The 5-speed gear set however, keeps the car a little under powered. The car shits the transmission quickly even if the person wants to increase the speed slowly.

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