Dodge Charger R/T 2012 Model: Full Review – Part 2

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This deficiency has been covered in the Sports mode hidden in the UConnect. The Sports mode makes transmission system to go the maximum length on one gear which brings some speed to the vehicle but not in a scary manner. However, this been Dodge has more speed even in the normal mode than an average Joe on the road, if you get my drift.

In terms of fuel economy, the R/T is a bit of a disappointment. Even in the presence of a calm transmission system and tuned down engine, the car makes only 16 mpg and 25 mpg on city and highway respectively, according to the Environment Protection Agency. The same EPA crunches numbers to get an average of 19 mpg. However, out tests got even worse result at 17 mpg in real time environment.

The cabin is loaded with technology from a state-of-the-art audio system to voice recognition system to driver’s safety mechanism. However, the former and later are optional and cost from $795 to $99.

First off with the dashboard, it has all the basics from speedometer, obviously, to all the necessary gauges like fuel, engine heat, oil temperature, oil pressure, A/C ducts and massive 8.4-inch LCD touch sensitive screen.

The LCD screen is the front for the audio, video, navigation and voice recognition system. The audio system is augmented by Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio which is trending in the technology world these days . as it can be found in smartphones, tablets and other modes of computing as well.

The R/T has the system installed at full blast with 10 speaker for surround sound and a sub-woofer that provides an outclass bass. However, the system is optional and will set you back some $995 for installation.

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