Dodge Charger R/T 2012 Model: Full Review – Part 4

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The Driver’s safety package includes everything from dynamic cruise control to obstacle detection and rear camera. It costs $995 to the owner but every bit of it is worth paying for. The front side has an obstacle detection panel that detects the object in the front compared to the speed. If the brakes are applied a little late, a bleeping warning signal goes off to warn about the speed. The same panel also keeps controls of the cruise even if there is a car in front of R/T. It reduces and increases the speed automatically. Even though this is not a biggie it will cost you extra.

There are detection panels on either side that detect any object on the immediate left or right that cannot be seen in the wing mirrors. An LED lights up upon a detection and warns the driver to look again to see the obstacle.

The same $995 package brings a camera to rear and a sensor to detect any objects in the close proximity. The footage of the camera is shown on the 8.1-inch screen nestled in the dashboard.


Considering the power that R/T holds and style it shows of inside the cabin, it is a perfect amalgamation of user friendliness and muscle. Though it is not the pure breed of American muscle car family but it surely packs a punch in 370 hp that takes it at par with other sports oriented sedans.

The luxury inside provide the oomph to its style. The tech, though most of it is optional, has been upgraded in an exquisite manner. Therefore, if someone is in pursuit of a car that has both brains and brawn, R/T is one of the perfect choices. It also comes in handy at MSRP $29,995.

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