What a Zombie Attack would be like in Pakistan! –Part 2

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What a Zombie Attack would be like in Pakistan! –Part 2

Continued from Part 1….

The Outbreak!

A zombie virus wouldn’t take long to spread like wildfire in Pakistan due to our densely populated cities and rural areas where people would rather wait and see what happens instead of doing something right away.

The safest place without a doubt would be the Islamabad/Rawalpindi area where the top brass of the Government and Army would be. If the government found out about the breakout, there would be little information released to the public in order to avoid creating panic because our people do panic a lot indeed and could worsen the situation.

The second scenario would be that the government would not find out until an area was to be hit hard and the media wrecked havoc on the people sitting in power, but by then, it would certainly be too late.

Islamabad/Rawalpindi would most probably be locked down with lines of cars rushing towards the nation’s capital to seek refuge, but only few would be actually allowed into the twin cities.

Lahore and Karachi would be hardest hit as zombies driving rickshaws and tangas could be seen everywhere while packed streets with abandoned cars would make it impossible to drive out of the city.

Schools and all public places would be abandoned with people looting the markets at any opportunity in order to stock up on food items while criminals wander the streets and loot anyone they possibly can before being eaten alive.

Masjids would be filled with the religious, seeking the help of God to eliminate the living dead while most families would be stuck in their homes, which fortunately, would be able to bear the zombie attack due to heavy doors made out of metal and brick walls.

It would not take long before the sound of helicopters flying above every neighbourhood and fleets of police and army vehicles try to move in and kill as many of the undead as possible, but it would be impossible to wipe out hundreds of thousands, if not millions of infected people.

(To be continued in Part 3…)

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