Boredom and lack of involvement taxes productivity at work, Study suggests – Part 1

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The 2008 economic crisis hit the world with a huge bang and many countries like the US and the UAE, even continents like Europe, fell victim to it. Though Pakistan did not receive the economic punch directly on the face, it certainly heard the bang.

The country’s economy has never been prosperous, even for developing or underdeveloped countries it either lives in the middle or the bottom of the roster. The unemployment rate is soaring by the passing day despite encouraging claims from the government.

However, not only the unemployed community is suffering from the wrath of bad economy, the employees are also in the very thick of it. The inflation is rising exponentially and the government drops a bomb every now and then in the form of petroleum prices or annual budget.

The working environment in Pakistan started to shape up in early 2000s when more and more MBA graduates were hired and many multi-national companies started operations in the country. However, a series of unfortunate events led to even greater unemployment, one of them being the massive energy crisis that forced many organizations to close their doors for business, hence the current unemployment rate.

However, the employed community is not far from the grid. The working environment in the country, even in the world has worsened in the last four to five years. MNCs are forced to halt hiring further employees. Though the term ‘lay-offs’ is not commonly used in Pakistan, it has its roots in the national economic structure.

What lay-offs do is assist the organizations in reducing operating and salary costs, but on the flip side they increase work burden on the existing employees, sometime double and in some cases quadruple it. However, work burden is not the only factor in low productivity of hired hands in a company in the current era.

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