Dodge Dart (2013) is out to challenge the compact car market – Part 1

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Compact cars are trending these days mainly for two reasons, the aching economy and rising oil prices. American brands, who at a point in time used to like making big sedans and roadliners of cars, are now indulging into the compact vehicle market. Dodge does not fall far from the grid. The Detroit-based automaker recently launched the compact Dodge Dart in the American and European markets.

The new Dart has a small footprint but do not confuse that with the cabin space, it is as spacious as normal sedan like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. However, the trim level has compromised on the cabin tech. Tough it is sparsely equipped with a nice-quality stereo system and a touch-screen display, it lacks some of the luxuries that you might find in the premium brands like Dodge’s own Charger.

The trim level SE version, limited, is priced at $15,995, which is an attractive price for a car that dwells on economy and compact design. However, the car does not offer any cheap feelings to the driver as it has all the basic necessities that can be found in a mid-level sedan.

The outer shell gives the impression of some Italian mind work done, as it was manufactured and assembled at the same plant as Alfa Romeo’s Alfa Romeo Giulietta, that comes as a good thing.

The Dart is equipped with disc-brakes in all wheels, which shows that the company has not compromised on the quality and safety. Most trim cars are deprived of disc-brakes in the rear-wheels and are instead adorned with drum brakes to reduce the cost.

Under the hood lies an amply tuned 1.4-Litre four-cylinder engine that uses Fiat’s Multiair valve timing technology that can be found in Fiat 500 Abarth. However, it lacks the head-hammering roar of the Abarth. The engine, surprisingly, hums quietly and produces ample power to take the car from A to B with comfort and speed.

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