Dodge Dart (2013) is out to challenge the compact car market – Part 2

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The limited ride in the new Dart was close to satisfactory. The first impression of a trim-level basic vehicle is always that it will have a wallowy and glidy ride but the Dart is something else. Though it is not the sports car rigid but the drive in the compact sedan is solid. It turns in sharp corners with confidence and does not make the ride bumpy at the samtime, something that is normally seen in sports-oriented vehicles now-a-days.

The major reason for such smooth and coherent drive is the suspension system installed in the Dart. Dodge has imported Giulietta platform’s bi-link suspension, instead of cheap torsion bar suspension.

The car uses a six-speed manual transmission gearbox, nestled in the front. However, instead of grumbling the gears with one another, car’s gear shift is quite smooth. This can be attributed to the automated manual transmission that uses dual-clutch system for swift gear shift. Although most of the drivers prefer an automatic gear transmission system to a manual one, Dart’s gearbox does not create any problem, whatsoever.

The seats inside the cabin are comfortable but Chrysler has made them quite thin to make room for leg space in the back seats. Moreover, the passenger seat is quite far away for an average Joe, who likes McDonald’s, to sit with comfort.

The compact car market is facing a cut-throat competition from the likes of Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda and Ford. Though 2013 is considered a hard sell in the market mainly owing to its late entry in to such market, the facilities that Dart offers in around $16,000 is comparable to any compact car in the market.

Moreover, the likes of Ford Focus are hatchbacks, so Dart has the ace of more room in the cabin and trunk up its sleeve. The Dart will hit the market later this month for the base price of $15,995 going up to $19,995.

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