Visio launches the new line of PCs including two ultrabooks, Thin+Light – Part 2

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However, the screen and innards are quite different from the likes of Air and XPS-13. The CT14 packs 1600×900-pixel resolution but there are not discrete graphics cards inside, instead the company relies on the HD 4000 integrated graphics.

The new ultrabooks are both available with three option of Intel’s new line of Ivy Bridge CPUs; Intel Core i3, 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5-3317U, or 1.9 GHz Intel core i7-3517U. The processors are supported by 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. The CT14 is available with two options in storage capacity, 128 GB and 256 GB. There is no optical drive included.

There are 3 USB 3.0, one HDMI, one SD Card ports. There is a 720p-capable webcam at the top of the bezel. Bluetooth 4.0 and SRS Premium surround sound speakers are standard.

The big brother, CT15, has the same hardware specs as the CT14 albeit the screen resolution. Visio has crammed the 15 incher with 1920×1080-pixel resolution.

The battery timing on both laptops is different as well. The 15.6-inch model runs out of juice in 5.5 and 6 hours while, the 14 incher stretches the battery life to 7 hours, according to the company.

The cradle houses a power button, two premium SRS speakers, a full QWERTY keyboard (without the NUM pad) and touch pad. Tough the size of the track pad is a bit smaller than the MacBook Air, it has almost the same sensitivity for casual use at least. It supports the contemporary Windows-based multi-touch gestures with comparatively a quicker response.

The keyboard, as claimed by Visio, has been built from scratch. It has a new construction compared to other companies. However, the hands-on use was a turnoff.

Both ultrabooks start at $898 as do all other Visio’s PC products. However, competing with the premium niche like XPS 13 and HP Envy will be an interesting contest to witness. The price will make a huge difference though.

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