Chevrolet Volt (2012): Full Review – Part 3

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Driving on the Volt or any other electric vehicle for that matter has always been serene. The single gear transmission snaps out the power dips on gear shifts and all the jostling that comes with it. Instead, there is a smooth and steady drive that also brings acceleration to the scene.

As it runs on 0 rounds per minute, the acceleration is instantaneous. Just step down on the paddle and you are away. Overtaking eliminates the gear shift-down, stepping down on the paddle does the trick on that as well.

On the battery charge, the car is extremely quiet, only the whim of the wheels penetrates inside the cabin. However, with the gas-engine revving, the silence is distorted which makes it a little uneasy to drive, ironically because of quietness that you get used to while driving on the batteries. However, audio makes up for the noise disturbance.

Technology Inside

Dashboard technology is not Volt’s forte. The 2011 model was not the best equipped car though it had all the necessities that an electric vehicle should have. On the other hand, the design and the overall format of buttons on the dashboard were less than stellar.

Unfortunately, same is the case in the 2012. As far as the cabin tech is concerned, the new model does not fall far from the grid. It still has the same button-studded dashboard that is difficult to discern from each other.

The clutter of various buttons from Radio to Air/Con has a very diminutive All-caps font that makes it extremely hard for the driver to read while controlling the car in motion. Another thing that is more confusing that the aforesaid is capacitive touch. Though it is an upgrade to the physical buttons, while driving the car it is quite difficult to drive and take bearings of the buttons at the same time. Aggravating is the fact that some of them are abbreviated in a very unintuitive manner.

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