Memo Commission didn’t declare Hussain Haqqani traitor: Supreme Court

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 1:51:36 by

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has made it clear that the Memo Commission didn’t declare former ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani a traitor.

A nine-member bench of the apex court with Justice Shakirullah Jan resumed the hearing of the case, asking his counsel to file plea seeking exemption from attending hearings.

The commission formed by the apex court to investigate the infamous scandal submitted its report according to which the former envoy to the United States was found guilty of authoring the secret memorandum.

It is vital to mention here that the secret memo was delivered to the Admiral Mike Mullen through US-based Mansoor Ijaz seeking their assistance to help the civilians in fear of military coup after May 02 incident.

The court clarified that the commission hadn’t declared Hussain Haqqani a traitor, saying it had only expressed its opinion.

Counsel for Hussain Haqqani, Asma Jahangir, presented a letter from his client citing security reasons for not returning to the country and appearing before the court.

The statement reads, “I will not risk my life until the circumstances that have put my life in jeopardy have changed. Given the current mood and environment in the country, where individuals are being burnt alive on unproved charges of blasphemy and ethnic, political and sectarian killings are going unnoticed, it is unreasonable to pressure me to return to the country to respond to political accusations based on the word of a foreigner”.

He was of the opinion that he was painted as a criminal in the eyes of general public despite he was neither charged nor convicted of any crime under the laws of the land.

According to his letter, some politicians and few sections of media declared him a traitor without being rebuked by any judicious authority.

The counsel while arguing before the court said that the memo commission had presented his client as if he was a conspirator. She added, “The government is not providing security to Haqqani, the Attorney General and secretaries were contacted but no one responded”.

The court adjourned the hearing for indefinite period after giving three days to Asma for submitting exemption request and five days to all concerned on this application.

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1 Comment for “Memo Commission didn’t declare Hussain Haqqani traitor: Supreme Court”

  1. Jamshed

    The commission in Memogate was assigned the task to look into the facts for the Apex court to determine if there is a need for a proper trial. Unfortunately the commission didn’t give the opportunity to Haqqani to record his statement in London or via video link. Infact the commission constitute those judges which were full of anti PPP sentiments. Everything was pre-planned, the memo affair, Mansoor Ijaz’s statements, formation of commission and its decision and now the final verdict by the court. SC is helpless for they have to obey the orders of its mentors that is establishment. Establishment doesn’t want to hook off Hussain Haqqani because of personal disliking. It is unfortunate that our courts are swaying tail before establishment. The commission in its judgment has been judgmental by declaring Haqqani as disloyal to Pakistan and working against the interest of the country he was representing. Looks like emotions have overcome the rational thinking and is not going to convey a very good impression.

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