Samsung Galaxy SIII: What is hot and what is not – Part 2

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Right off the bat, SIII’s camera is one of the best features in the phone. The handset takes pictures, the most common feature among multi-media functionalities in a smartphone, without any lag. It takes crisp and colourful photos without washing them out. Though its brightness is a tad lower than the likes of HTC One X and iPhone 4S, two of the smartphones at par with the SIII, the difference is negligible at most. It only pops up when all three handsets are compared head-to-head.

Videos are though a different topic. It takes 1080p videos in smooth iterations. The frame rate is more than satisfactory and images in have clear details from all angles.

Home Button

The only physical button at the bottom of the 4.8-inch screen is quite narrow for daily usage but it is a no bother once your thumb gets used to its ergonomics. The best thing about the home button is its triple functionality. Press once and it takes you back to home screen, press twice in quick succession and it launches recent apps, and press-and-hold to launch S-Voice—Samsung’s digital voice assistant.

The two buttons, Apps and Back, keep glowing until the user is away from the phone, thanks to facial recognition functionality in the front-facing camera.

Internet Connectivity

The SIII comes in two versions, a 3G handset with quad-core Exynos processor and a 4G LTE model with dual-core processor. Though 3G broadband connectivity is brisk and seamless, LTE is another breed altogether.

Compared to other 4G LTE phone in the market, Galaxy SIII is faster on LTE networks in downloading and uploading apps, pictures and other stuff. Social networking depends heavily on picture uploading and SIII works satisfactorily.

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