Samsung Galaxy SIII: What is hot and what is not – Part 3

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WiFi hotspoting is another one of its features. However, SIII itself works amazingly fast on close WiFi connections.

Online streaming is a nice experience on the new Samsung phone. The data limit gauge makes it convenient for the user to keep tabs on the data usage on limited data volume plans.


The Korean company is one of the first OEM to embrace near-field communication (NFC) technology and its S-Beam is surely a leap head of Google’s own Android Beam. S-Beam works both on NFC chips and WiFi to send files faster on other devices.

NFC has limited functionality as the technology is in the early stages of adoption and there are not many devices in the market that are available with the chip. However, the communication is faster on those that have it. Web pages, bookmarks, pictures and reading stuff travel in snaps from sender’s end to the receiver.


Glossy Screen

When you get your hands on the SIII you get a glossy screen right from the start. It is not the brightest one, yet the glossy front does not help. The low brightness actually makes it almost impossible for the user to read in bright sunlight.

To aggravate things more, the plastic body is as glossy has upper shell on LCD. Overall, the new SIII looks more like a gem than a smartphone. Its plastic body however, is of premium quality.


Among others, the new SIII has a way to educate people on motion and gesture controls, in addition to the synopsis of app’s functions it provides to the users. To make things worse, that all comes in pop-ups.

Though you can disable all these notifications, you feel uneasy unless you do so.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages that someone, who is planning to buy a new SIII, should know beforehand. Some might differ to my point but these are some generally observed aesthetics and quirks of the new device.

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