Champions of Human Rights fail to Address Muslim Massacre in Burma

Thursday, July 19th, 2012 12:44:20 by

Champions of Human Rights fail to Address Muslim Massacre in Burma

In an extremely unfortunate chain of series and events, the human rights champions around the world have and are continuing to fail on every angle in order to adequately address the outrageous massacre of minority Muslim’s in Burma.


Countries like the United States, which have always been a part of talks to help out nations like Israel against Palestine, are silenced at a time when Muslims are being killed in broad daylight by their very own government and army.


The Rohingya Muslims of Burma, which are immigrants of people from Bangladesh and China, reside in a large number throughout the nation at an estimated population of 800,000. But surprisingly, their voices are being silenced and life taken away at the demand of being given their fundamental rights.


There is a long history between the Rohingya people in Burma, but instead of looking at the past, nations are failing to look at what currently is going on under the banner. Many killings have been reported on a daily basis, while a huge number is said to be covered up by the Burmese government.


Men with beards, symbolising their Islamic faith, continue to be killed due to their religious affiliation while women wearing the veil are tortured from every corner, including death induced by hunger.


The most recent incident that took place, which has been uncovered by the media, is the daylight murder of 11 Muslims by the national army. It is unclear why the government is acting in such a cruel and biased manner against a helpless minority.


For one, this is a clear violation of every human right imaginable, which makes the silence of the superpowers, especially those a part of the United Nations and people like Burma’s symbol of democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi even stranger and inhumane.


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25 Comments for “Champions of Human Rights fail to Address Muslim Massacre in Burma”

  1. Ta seen

    Very sad news for the Muslims.This is due to our own Action towardsIslam.Wecannot seek help from any one else but fromour on self.May Allah helpus all.

  2. It is a result of our failure to unite against the brutality of Americal and its damned followers,imagine if this act is practicsed against a Christian community, for sure all NATO and the christian support weapons will move to give an immediate response. Muslims should unite and give back to the Myanmar attackers ( since army is doing the same against the armless and helpless people), No human Rights agencies will say NO to what is happening.

  3. Thaseen

    It is because of our AAMAAL.

  4. one

    thank you newspakistan for sharing this with us, since no one else coverd this story, we hope enough people will find out about this and the result will change and this would stop

  5. Mohtashim

    Surely this is the result of our wrong deeds, all muslims countries should unite together and should make a common Armed forces like NATO so that no one can act wrongly on any muslim minority country. In the end please do the needful for all these pitty people.

  6. it is very tuff time to go for Muslims umma. Now we are no who is the side of muslim and who is the war on muslim.
    NATO is the commond of all community with out muslim.


    Allah is the best and Nato and all Itehadi is go to hell.

  7. May i merely point out that of a comfort to get someone that actually knows exactly what they are referring to on the net. You need to know how to bring an issue to mild making the idea critical. Lots more people should check this out as well as appreciate this side of the account. My partner and i cannot think you are not very popular because you definitely contain the surprise.

  8. dr.naseer

    we r sad about such killings. god may help those burmese muslims who r helpless and no help form muslims.

  9. Shahnawaz

    Again help will come from sky. Inshallah.

  10. It’s painful,it’s a massacre,The days have come,in what non muslims began to show their real faces,and this has been predicted 1400 years ago by Allah’s beloved prophet(p.b.u.h)that the near the dooms day muslims will be killed and sluaghtered like animals by nonuslims,but
    there is a reason behind it,and we muslims know that very well but we don’t want to look at it..but the reason is very obvious and that is…we have quit following Allah’s beloved prophets orders..May Allah help us…

  11. it’s pain full’it’s a massacre’now the followers of the budhmate have shown that they are not the PEACE LOVERS.they are as bad as cruel as are the other nonmuslims.Our beloved prophet(p.b.u.h) said
    that all the nonmuslims are the one nation against you so never consider them as your friends..
    wake up muslims please….

  12. nadeem

    if single pin falls on the floor it sound ecos the media and becomes the news they hit all the time on the channels .but why this news haven’t been telecasted for single time in india which is very near to burma . shame on indian media . partialism is on top in indian media

  13. Mohammad Anees

    If nobody is caring for international laws then Muslim nation should come to front and talk to these SLAUGHTER CUM PEACE LOVER BUDDHIST Government.

    Almighty seen everything at every moment…..

  14. Very sad news for the all Muslims.Country.this is the time for Muslim to weackup and all muslim country need to help of Burma muslim.amrica caling a supper power of him self but any weare muslim in problum amrica will happy on this Action but we are not asking any help from any one else.May Allah help us all and my god give them power to face Budist.

  15. rizwan

    the government of burma has proved itself very heartless. alteast now we should understand non Muslims cannot be the friend of Muslims and we should part our ways. they are conspirators and actually anti islam. this type of incidents will definitely lead to war of civilizations.

  16. Riaz

    Alla tala Barma k logon ki madad kary or ham may say koi Muhammad bin Qasim bana kar un ki madad kary aameen

  17. martha

    Stop that massacre……all of us have the right to live…..Take the opposite way?……Would you permit Burmesse be massacred by someone else?

    God fprgive u and stop your hands.

  18. mariya khan

    O THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE You the most marcy full and Raheem I pray to you give me power to help my muslim brothers and sisters O Lord I believe its your justice and I believe that you ll never fail in it..
    jus help my Bothers and Sisters whoever they are and wherever..

    and all prays and respect for you..
    you the only greatest among!!

    (may peace and marcy be upon him)

  19. M. Irfan

    Burma Muslims are our brother and sisters. i think we have to share this with all of our Friends offline and online. We should post this on most famous pages of facebook. so that all of the world know about that. please just spend your 15 minutes to spread this story all over the world. May be this story reach to a good muslim who have the power to stop this.

  20. Aagaz shaikh

    it should be stop as soon as it possible ,thanks for the news of the pakistan for sharing this with us and spreding this in the whole world ..

  21. Tousif sayyed

    As/w saber rakho bhai Allaha zaroor madad Karenga Allaha dekh raha hai ,(allha hu akbar )


    ya allah barma ke musalmano ki madda kar mere mola wahan koi farishta bhejde aameen

  23. hena alam

    It is really very painfull to see and hear about the killing of Muslims in Burma.Why is the international as well as national media silent on this?
    No one has the right to take away others life.Religion is something very personal and every one has the right to follow any religion he wants.

  24. ali bokhari

    this is is the time your action or its now or never

  25. ali bokhari

    its true

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