Gunman, not terrorist kills more than 10 in Denver Batman Premier Show

Friday, July 20th, 2012 3:25:04 by

Gunman, not terrorist kills more than 10 in Denver Batman Premier Show

In what can be termed to be an extremely unfortunate event in the city of Denver, Colorado, in the United States, took place on Friday, July 20, 2012, during the premier show in a local theatre of The Dark Knight Rises, killing more than 10 and injuring scores more.


A simple night out became a bloodbath for many Americans as they looked forward to one of the biggest blockbuster movies of this year but instead had to face what nobody should ever have to in their lifetimes.


A man, supposedly posing as the infamous villain of the newly released Batman movie, was wearing a gas mask and body armour, opened fire on the people present, killing 10 on the spot and 4 that later had succumbed to their injuries in a local hospital.


If it could not get any crueller, a child was also reportedly shot by the gunman at point blank range and killed.


CNN quoted one witness as saying he saw a “guy slowly making his way up the stairs and firing, picking random people”.


The area was also evacuated and searched for any possible bombs or other explosive devices but none were found after a through rescue operation by authorities.


Reading a comment by one of the readers of an online news source in which one person said, “Oh he’s just a gunman…not a terrorist..”, really rung the bells in my head as to what the meaning behind this was.


Have terrorists been associated this much with a specific religion that even some people would go to such an extent to term the attacker a gunman and not a terrorist or was it more sarcastic in nature?


What this goes to show is just that bad, sick and cruel people are everywhere, can belong to any religion and can be of any skin colour. These things are obviously not what define a terrorist, but rather, it is the thinking and actions of a person that do make the difference.


The more we point fingers at one race, the worse our own becomes. Terrorist is a word used to describe anyone that brings about terror to the people and this man, ladies and gentleman, was definitely a terrorist.


Fighting wars across the border just is not the answer to anything and with the recent chain of events involving strange and mysterious killings in a country like the United States, world leaders should stop and think for a moment whether there nations are better off this way or not.


Is the spending of billions of dollars on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq along with planning out many more against nations like Iran and Pakistan really the answer?


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2 Comments for “Gunman, not terrorist kills more than 10 in Denver Batman Premier Show”

  1. Ibrahim

    If the guy had been Muslim he’d be called a terrorist.

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