The Rise and Fall of Fast Food Giants in Pakistan

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The Rise and Fall of Fast Food Giants in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the highly favoured countries where pre-established fast food giants are testing their luck and trying to make a mark due to the lack of competition due to the lack of competition and huge demand in many areas of the country.

Looking at fast food, it is not such a bad thing to have once in a while, whether it is with your family or friends, because it is a quick and tasty solution for someone looking to go out and have fun.

Fast food chains in Pakistan like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and the most recent, Hardees, have each captured a group of regulars who love their food and visit regularly along with the out-of-the-blue comers, which has noticeably inflated their profits out of the roof.

When these franchises newly enter Pakistan, which is usually in a partnership with some local business, they provide exquisite quality in their food products and a delightful environment, but slowly and gradually, they eventually lose out on both, whether on purpose or the lack of business is the unanswered question.

Taking McDonalds for example, the regular goers would agree that a simple product like their McFlurry does not have any consistency from branch to branch. In one incident at the McDonalds in Fortress Stadium, Lahore, the cup was barely half-full and when asked to fill it up, the management took out a small weighing machine and said that this is the McDonalds international standard.

At others the cup would be full and those who have had the ice cream in other countries would know how it is properly served.

Likewise, Subway throughout Pakistan is using dried out bread and tasteless fillers in its sandwiches, which has seriously caused them to limit their franchises only to the busy ones in big locations like the MM Alam Road, but everywhere else there is hardly a customer to be seen.

The fast food maniacs had their hopes rejuvenated when Hardees entered into the scene and enjoyed the moment of quality and good tasteful burgers while it lasted. Now even Hardees has enrolled itself onto the no-go places because of the lack of quality in their burgers, flat drinks and cheap fries that replaced their original thick fries, which is the standard throughout the world.

Whether it is due to the ownership which allow these things to happen remains a mystery but one thing which really shows is that the management in these restaurants should be given courses on what maintain customer loyalty is and not only worrying about profits because in the end when no customer wants to eat there any more, they will not have a place to work either.

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  1. szbokhari

    very serious points are taken by the writer which are real concern of people who used to enjoy these places and now just fed up of paki administrations running these well named international fast food giants in Pakistan in the way of pakis. this is the time for the heads of these organizations to save there reputations and name.

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