HTC One X: A Hands-On Review

Friday, August 24th, 2012 5:31:21 by

HTC One X: A Hands-On Review


Having become an avid fan of the HTC smartphones line-up, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on their top-of-the-line model, the oh-so-amazing, One X. After finally getting a chance to get the mighty One X, it was only natural that I share my views on it.


For those who are confused over whether to choose the Samsung Galaxy SIII, upcoming Apple iPhone 5 or the HTC One X, my advice is to definitely go with the third one on the line. Why? Now here comes the interesting part.


The biggest factor for me when choosing between the Samsung SIII and HTC One X (forget about the iPhone for a moment) was because of the build quality. The Samsung smartphone might be identical to the One X in terms of specs, but the biggest issue was of the former’s removable cover, which for touch screens of this size is unacceptable because of the constant creaking and squeaking in the phone’s body.


Next comes to choose between something I haven’t seen yet (the new iPhone) or go with something that is already here and will dominate the market for some time to come, so the choice was pretty clear. Another major factor that went against the iPhone was the openness of Android and the ability to customise it in limitless ways.


Being a long time user of Nokia and ending that era with the N8, i’ve have always been frustrated by the locked down nature of the once mobile giant, Finnish brand, but now I wanted to be free and now nearly being a week long owner of the HTC One X, I feel like a prisoners finally out of his cell and free.


What I found to be negative about the HTC One X was the need of improvement in terms of its battery life, but as a solution, I have heard the latest update of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich software will have a solution for that along with some other fixes.


Unfortunately, HTC users in Pakistan have not received it as of yet and my personal request to them would be to have that done as soon as possible because we One X users are dying to use this phone without having it plugged in most of the time.


With an amazing feel to it, extremely light weight body and amazing Quad-Core 1.5 GHz processor, the HTC One X has won me over by all standards.

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2 Comments for “HTC One X: A Hands-On Review”

  1. I am using HTC ONE X and i must say its a power packed beast and no doubt the best android phone right now. I know S3 fans will dislike my comment but thats how it is.The look and feel of HTC ONE X is amazing and much better than the plastic material of S3.

    One thing that author didn’t mention is the Sense interface which is beautiful, slick and yes better than the touchwiz of Samsung.

  2. Nasir Ghafoor

    I have been using HTC smartphone for like three months, and battery is certainly an issue. Even with ICS, HTC battery is no more than a headache.

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