Lemuria: the lost continent

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Lemuria is a lost continent proposed by Philip Sclater Lutley in the nineteenth century, more precisely in 1864.

It was located in the Indian Ocean and lands connected and included current and South Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Sumatra, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Ocean somewhere.

Lutley Philip Sclater was an English geologist who was dedicated to exploring and trying to understand these strange worlds as were Africa, Asia and Oceania. In one of his postulated that there should be a continent that connected the lands of South Africa
and in India since the presence of lemurs in both continents was impossible.

It is clear that animals can migrate from one part of the globe to another, but the lack of other types of lemurs on the route that should have traveled to reach from one point to another suggests that should otherwise have traveled.

Clearly, the name Lemuria was proposed as the main hypothesis comes from the explanation of how these small mammals are present in the two continents.

After continued advancing science and geological studies achievements gained new theory about the existence of Lemuria was denied. The explanation for the failure of this lost continent explained by the theory of plate tectonics.

The theory of plate tectonics explains that the creation of the continents as we know them are actually the result of a separation of a large continent called Pangea .

Although the explanation for the absence of this continent is entirely valid explanations have not been found for the existence of lemurs in both South Africa and India. This is a question that remains open until today.

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