NBC Olympics website had a sloppy performance, says Compuware

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National Broadcasting Company, NBC, reached the pinnacle of television broadcasting and online streaming during the London Summer Olympics 2012. However, tech data tracking company Compuware said in a recent report that the network showed sloppy performance on its website.

According to the source, NBCOlympics.com, NBC’s official website to stream videos and display results of the games during the event, had a lagged loading time.

Compuware stated that the site took 6 seconds to load on PCs and more than 13 seconds on mobile devices, which is slow for a big corporate site on broadband connection.

The times it actually took “completely floored us, because we never thought it would be that high,” Lorenz Jakober, a product marketing manager for Compuware’s mobile unit, said.

The company said that this much lag puts viewers off and dissuades them to switch to other sources, a nightmare for advertisers.

“People will not use a site as much if it is slow,” he said. “There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get to a piece of content or try to check a score or something and it’s taking forever.”

The official media partner at the event broke all records of television viewership both on traditional televisions and online service on its site. According to an NBC spokesperson, who actually negated Compuware’s report, said that statistics show that the website was visited on an unprecedented rate during the event.

“This report does not mesh with the empirical evidence,” said the spokesperson. “Over 17 days, we had nearly 2 billion page views and roughly 60 million unique users who spent an average of 30.5 minutes on the site.

“The data doesn’t align with our record-setting traffic. Anecdotally, page load time was never an issue.”

According to the data collected by several sources the Summer Olympics was watched in 64.4 Million streams in the US alone, which are 350 percent more streams than the Beijing Olympics 2008.

The network showed 3,500 hours of the event on the website which is a record in itself. Speaking of records, the traditional television viewership of the event accounted for 219 Million views from unique users, a record in the US television history.

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