Amir Khan: Me and Manny Pacquiao are the best offensive fighters in the world but defensively weak

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Former IBF and WBA light welterweight titlist, Amir Khan, believes he and his stablemate Manny Pacquiao, who is eight-division world champion, are the best offensive fighters in the world but he thinks defensively they have many problems.

The Bolton’s finest, who carries a record of winning 26 of his 29 professional fights, with 18 of wins coming by the way of a knockout, is currently on the brink of failure since he has lost two fights in a row and both of them to underdogs.

The 25-year-old suffered a brutal fourth round TKO against Danny Garcia and he also lost to Lamont Peterson on points last year.

Manny Pacquiao on the other hand lost his battle against Timothy Bradley and perhaps this is a reason why Khan has mentioned Pacquiao’s name too while speaking on his inclusion.

Khan told the Manchester Evening News “If we had the defense we should have had we would be the best fighter in the world.”

Khan continues “That’s the downfall of me and Manny Pacquiao. We’re both offensively the best fighters in the world, but defensively we’re not the best.”

Khan and Pacquiao are both trained by International Hall of Fame trainer, Freddie Roach. However, after suffering two defeats in a row Khan has decided to leave Roach, who is responsible for shaping up his career.

Khan feels he needs someone who concentrates on him fully and teaches him a good defensive game.

Rumours revolving around suggested as if Khan is eyeing Joan Guzman as his new trainer but when asked Khan, he rejected all rumours and said he wants someone more credible.

“I want someone who is a bit more credible than him. I’ve come from world title fights and he might be a little below that. We’re just getting the dates right. It will either be in England or America, December 15 is the date,” Khan said.

“I’ll be going to New York to speak to a few coaches and maybe bring in a mentor who can help me in defense. I’m mainly looking at ex-fighters, Bernard Hopkins, Oscar (De La Hoya) and maybe Shane Mosley, they all want to help out and show their support,” Khan said.

Well, all said and done, it looks Khan has indirectly suggested Manny Pacquiao to also leave Freddie Roach. Therefore, let’s wait and watch how the Filipino boxing icon responds to Khan.

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3 Comments for “Amir Khan: Me and Manny Pacquiao are the best offensive fighters in the world but defensively weak”

  1. Denis Slee

    Khan you are an idiot. You are not a “great fighter.” To compare your self to Pacquiao…..? Is a joke. My grand daughter could knock you out and she’s four.

  2. 1-fist-KO

    I agree 100% with Khan that both him and Manny needs to learn how to be better defensive fighters. In my opinion this is how I would rate it: 1 being lowest and 5 being highset.

    Power: 4.6
    Speed: 4
    Defense: 3.9
    Counter Punching: 2.5
    Take hits: 4.3
    Overall skill: 4.2

    Power: 3.4
    Speed: 3.7
    Defense: 2.8
    Counter Punching: 2.5
    Take hits: 3.2
    Overall skill: 3.3

  3. George

    I cannot believe what I am reading. The nerve and arrogance of this Clown makes me sick. How can a fighter that has lost his last 2 fights including a brutal KO, state that Joan Guzman “Isn’t Credible Enough” and “A Little Below Championship Level”??? Khan is a DREAMER and Delusional….The hype HBO, Golden Boy, and his A*S Kissers has given this boy has him confused. He honestly feels he is a Elite Fighter like Floyd Mayweather. The REALITY is: Joan Guzman is an Undefeated, 3-Time World Champion, Ranked Top 3 in their Division, and most importantly, this fight if for the WBA CHAMPIONSHIP of the WORLD!! This isn’t a “CREDIBLE ENOUGH” for Mr.Khan?? Another Reality: Joan Guzman would out class this DREAMER, really humiliate him. Guzman has way too much natural skill, speed, natural cat like reflexes, and has shown power again as of late. I honestly understand that Guzman is WAY TOO DANGEROUS of an opponent for Khan, just way too superior all around for him. This fight offers too much risk and little reward for Khan, another loss can ruin his already questionable “Star” Status. I get that, but don’t say silly comments like Joan Guzman isn’t a “Credible” opponent for you. You are insulting people’s intelligence and sounding like a FOOL.

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