Chief Justice of Pakistan turns a Blind Eye towards curious case of Shahbaz Sharif’s Daughter and the Bakery

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While the staff member of a local bakery in Lahore may have survived being killed by the “Encounter Specialist” of Punjab before the video evidence of his thrashing was made public by the media, this whole series of events does lead towards people asking a number of questions on what happened and how it was all downplayed in a matter of days.


It is just surprising to see how Chief Justice of Pakistan Ifthikar Muhammad Chaudhry was prompt in taking Sou-Motu action after Waheeda Shah slapped a polling official during provincial assembly elections in Sindh; disqualifying her from her seat, and simply turning a blind eye towards the poor bakery employee, who was tortured and has his arm broken by the Punjab Elite Force.


The incident, which took place when Chief Minister Punjab and self proclaimed “Kadim-e-Ala” Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter, Rabia Imran, decided to shop at a bakery in DHA Lahore before its opening time. As the guard and sweeper at the bakery ruled out the option of letting her shop there due to the proper staff not being available, they became the subjects of her anger and ultimately victims to ordered police torture.


“As the shop was closed for cleaning, employees asked the visitor to return later. Two men accompanying the woman misbehaved with our employee named Irfan. The woman and her bodyguards left after threatening Irfan with dire consequences,” bakery owner, Umer Hussain, said.


These incidents are not the first faced by the Punjab CM’s family. Earlier, his son and sitting Member of the National Assembly, Hamza Shahbaz, tortured his third wife and daughter of an ex-MPA, Ayesha Ahad. It is saddening to see how torturing has become a custom for such people who refuse to go ahead with what the Sharif’s want done and how easy it has become for them to impose their own law when needed.


It has now been over a week since the incident occurred and all higher authorities that seem to come into action right away in other events, including the Chief Justice, failed to take any notice of the torture on a hard working member of society. The matter is not only about his broken arm or the severity of the torture, but is about the matter of fact that when have our chosen representatives decided to take the law into their own hand. How does Shahbaz Sharif call himself a leader of the people when his own children are involved in inhumane activities?


As of now, the police has only arrested the Elite Force personnel along with the CM’s son-in-law, but everyone knows what will happen in the end and how this whole matter will be solved through either pressure on the victim to drop the case or a lousy settlement, with still no action from our high and mighty judiciary.


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1 Comment for “Chief Justice of Pakistan turns a Blind Eye towards curious case of Shahbaz Sharif’s Daughter and the Bakery”

  1. Safwan

    I am not a supporter of PPP, or a fan, but as far as seats are concerned Marvi Mamon and the Danggi Bothers think they can win seats by joining Qoom Prast they have another thought coming, a person like Ayaz Palejo cannot win a consular seat from his own house let alone a National or Provencal Assembly seat, to be honest everyone in Sindh Know that how Prejudice Danggi Brothers really are from his last Government, I dont think anyone in Sindh weather Urban or Rural have forgotten, how he stopped the Thar Coal Project, Kati Bandar Port Project, Karachi Mass Transit Project, how extra judicial killings went on in Karachi, with all the money and Qoom Prast and Marvi Mamon he can not win a single seat, and in any case in rural Sindh its the land lord of the area who wins, so I dont think they have anyone significant who has joined them to win a seat.

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