No need for a new PlayStation in the market just yet – Part 2

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The smartphones are indeed causing a bit of complication for Sony, with many analysts asserting that a new console is becoming a necessity for the gaming giant to survive in the changing environment.

However, Sony is convinced that there is absolutely no need to rush its new hardware before it is really due. A senior company executive had clearly stated earlier this year that he understood that people were expecting some sort of news about PlayStation 4 at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and were disappointed that they were not too happy to walk away with getting any sort of updates.

However, the Sony executive had explained that the company does not plan on talking about the future hardware until they are in a position to show a significant leap in technology. Since they are not close to achieving that just yet, they will keep focusing on their current-generation console and exploring its full potential.

That is exactly what the industry giant has been busy doing over the last couple of years. Motion sensing input device was something that contributed heavily to the success of Nintendo’s Wii. Sony waited for a while before eventually adapting that technology and presenting it in the form of PS Move.

The device opened up the gates to a wide range of possibilities, only a few of which have been explored yet. PS Move is Sony’s answer to those who claim that the PlayStation 3 experience is becoming bland. The technology has not been perfected yet and the games are quite limited, but work is being done on polishing it and the results are not too disappointing. While the AAA games are struggling to make room for the PS Move controls, there are some pretty good games in the market that are meant to be played and enjoyed with friends and family.

With Nintendo all set to step into the next-generation space with the launch of its Wii U in the upcoming holiday season, the pressure on Sony to announce PlayStation 3’s successor has mounted.

However, the company is handling the pressure well. A new hardware does not seem to be a part of its plan. The strategic decision is being questioned by many, but the investors are showing a great deal of confidence in what Sony is currently doing, granting the company even more confidence.

With so many exciting and visually strong games in the pipeline, still plenty of possibilities for the utilisation of PS Move and the graphical capabilities of the system yet to be fully explored, Sony does not really have any reason to rush the next PlayStation and continue doing what it considers appropriate.

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