Education sector is not our priority at all (Part One)

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No one can deny the fact that education is the most dynamic factor for the concrete foundation of a society and no society can make progress in the challenge of this scientific era without remarkable progress in this sector.

Apart from playing vital role in human capital formation, education raises competence and the level of productivity of individuals and thus produces skillful workforce that is capable of leading the country towards economic growth.

Undeniably the countries having an effective and up-to-date system of education also happen to be the world leaders, both economically and socially. In brief, it is education that can turn the people of a country from a burden to human resource.

Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan reads, “The state of Pakistan shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within minimum possible period.”

However, the situation at the ground is quite different despite passage of 65 years to independence.

The unfortunate condition of education in the country proves the fact that it is unable to literate general masses.

This sector is waiting for an arrival of a rescuer despite several education policies and plans in the last six decades. The first and foremost step to development is a better education system that is exclusively based on minor problems for both the teachers and the students.

The education-system in Pakistan like many other developing countries is not very encouraging.

The low enrolment rates at the primary level, wide disparities between regions and gender, lack of trained teachers, deficiency of proper teaching materials and poor physical infrastructure of schools indicate the poor performance of this sector.

One of many major causes in the poor performance of the country’s education sector is the extremely low level of public investment. Before 1984-85, public expenditure on education remained less than 2 percent of GDP.

Moreover, it is realized that scientific education, particularly, is reaching lowest ebb and requires immediate improvements.

At the time of independence and afterward there was acute death of educators, laboratories were poor and ill equipped and curriculum had little relevance to present day needs.

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