Education sector is not our priority at all (Part Three)

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The first and foremost factor in choosing a profession anywhere is the respect that it gives to a person who joins it. The situation is so bad today that qualified people opt for other professions and majority of persons joining this profession are of low caliber.

The salary of our teacher is quite meager and is not enough to lead a decent life and support a healthy family. Due to this dilemma, majority of teachers resort to a number of ways and means to supplement their income. This not only diverts the attention of the teacher but also brings a bad name to this once the most respected profession.

If it is ensured that a teacher gets enough financial benefits with which he can lead a decent life, he will then be in a position to invest all his energies in doing justice to his profession.

It is a fact that once teachers are inducted in our education system they are seldom provided any training of substance.

Due to lack of training, the teaching staffs is not aware of challenges of the future and are hence unable to prepare the students to play their due role. Majority of the induction is on political grounds.

A teacher inducted through this system is not liable to merit but to the political interest of the political force that has inducted the person and so commits all kinds of blunders to favor them.

In majority of our primary schools, a single teacher not only teaches multiple classes under a tree or in a shabby room but also manages the school too. In case the teacher goes on leave the school is closed till the teacher returns or another teacher is posted.

Our education sector suffers from insufficient financial input, low levels of efficiency for implementation of programs, and poor quality of management, monitoring, supervision and teaching.

As a result, Pakistan has one of the lowest rates of literacy in the world, and the lowest among countries of comparative resources and socio-economic situations.

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