Education sector is not our priority at all (Part Two)

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In spite of making valuable changes, those who are in power and highly educated go abroad either for higher education or in search of better job opportunities. Most of them do not return and cause a large public loss.

Furthermore, the quality of primary and secondary education has a declining trend in the country.

It is a fact that Pakistan is one of those very few countries where the system of education has constantly eroded since independence.

Lack of guidance is a very serious problem which student faces in our country and they are the most unguided students in the world. Neither the parents due to their ignorance nor the teachers due to lack of professionalism are able to guide them.

One of the major cause is parents are uneducated; hence, they cannot guide their children. Resultantly, children face problems in choosing proper subjects and cannot get good marks.

Another reason is the financial situation of the people as majority of them can barely make their ends meet. Apart from the books and uniform for which they are to pay at own, they cannot even afford the negligible feeds being charged by the government institutions.

Like many other developing countries, majority of children indulged in child labour not only to feed themselves but to support their families too. The quality of education which we are providing to our youngsters isn’t up to the mark.

A student is evaluated in examinations not on the basis of their cognitive abilities but is more of a rote memory test. The major reason is that modern evaluation techniques are not applied.

Students at a very early age get exposed to menaces like smoking and use of snuff mainly due to non-serious attitude of teachers and school management.

There exists insignificant facility for co-curricular activities of the students. Very few schools have playgrounds, which due to wrong planning of the school management, are overcrowded in school breaks.

It is the bitter fact that since independence a lot of socially unacceptable professions had achieved social acceptance, whereas it is teaching, which has lost its social acceptance.

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