Donating Blood: Numerous Health Benefits and the Gift of Life

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Blood, without a doubt, is one of the greatest donations anyone could give. Not only can it save a life, but it also has a number of benefits for the person giving it, which many people do not realize. And the biggest aspect of giving blood is that it is absolutely free of cost!


While the biggest benefit of donating blood is obviously the feeling you get that someone’s life will be saved due to your donation, there are numerous others that may not be seen but are more long term based. For example, today’s diet has people consuming a lot more iron in their diet than usual and donating blood in gaps of at least six months is a great way to releases the iron deposits from the blood stream. This not only reduces the chances of heart disease but also reduces the chances of a number of cancers by manifolds.


It allows for the production of fresh blood and cleanses the liver of the blood which would have normally been high in quantity of iron, especially for those who are regular eaters of red meat.


Chances of getting cancer of the stomach, throat and blood has been proved to be downplayed in those who regularly donate blood.


Whether the above points influence you enough to want to go out and give some blood today or not, just remember that blood is extremely valuable and something that could be more useful than all the money in the world when someone is in need. It can save a life and extend yours in the process as well.


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1 Comment for “Donating Blood: Numerous Health Benefits and the Gift of Life”

  1. Thanks for posting this news,someone needs blood every 2 seconds,give the gift of life!
    I was a non-donating Jehovah’s Witness for 33 years and now a regular Red Cross blood donor with my ‘blood buddy’ girlfriend.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses blood transfusion confusion
    Jehovah’s Witnesses take blood products now in 2012.

    They take all fractions of blood.This includes hemoglobin, albumin, clotting factors, cryosupernatant and cryo-poor too, and many, many, others.
    If one adds up all the blood fractions the JWs takes, it equals a whole unit of blood. Any, many of these fractions are made from thousands upon thousands of units of donated blood.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses now accept every fraction of blood except the membrane of the red blood cell.

    Danny Haszard

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