Why Robert Pattinson shouldn’t take Kristen Stewart Back

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The only thing that is more painful for men than getting kicked in family jewels is getting cheated on by the woman who you have given everything up for. That woman who you dreamt about spending each and every moment of your life with and finding out that she did not even consider that for a second when hurting your feelings and that too, for everyone to see.


Robert Pattinson seems like a really down to Earth and easy going type of guy, but with all the fame and fan following, the embarrassment of being cheated on by that special one when you could have anyone in the world just has to be incredibly hurtful.


Kristen Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders did not take long to come out, especially when all the tabloids were hurrying to be the first ones to print the pictures. Instead of throwing her stuff out the door and moving on, Pattinson’s decision to take her back  into his life just might come back to haunt him later on. Once a cheat, always a cheater, is just a universal fact that he should take into consideration.


Now, as the two try to get back together, rumours are emerging that Stewart’s fling with Rupert Sanders was actually intentional and done consciously in order to get rid of Pattinson or gain that extra attention from him and it certainly does look like Kristen succeeded in doing that.


Advice for Robert Pattinson on a bro-to-bro basis is that man, you have to move on and dump that girl who took advantage of you and your feelings. Find someone who is not only a much better person, but will actually love you and not your director. It is harsh, everyone can understand that and not as easy done as said to let go of someone you have spent so much time with, but trust me and a lot of people out there that would agree with me, it’s for the better.


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