Why Mian Aziz-ur-Rehman Chan should be named next President of PPP Lahore

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There are few people who have such a widespread reputation in a city like Lahore and Mian Aziz-ur-Rehman Chan is one of them. Being a dedicated worker and leader of the Pakistan People’s Party since the political party took off with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto leading, Mr. Chan has been setting new examples ever since.


There are even less people who have built upon the PPP foundation and have actually been carrying through with what the People’s Party stands for along with staying determined and loyal to its manifesto. He is one of the few who have stood firm and remained content with the party and continue to do so, in or out of office.


It was a good move by the PPP and President Asif Ali Zardari to name him as the Secretary General of PPP Punjab, but relieving him of his duties as early as it happened, was not one of the good ones. Now, as rumours spread about a change in the Lahore level leadership, Mian Aziz-ur-Rehman Chan is one of the, if not the strongest candidates the party has and naming him would certainly be in their best interests.


The Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto era group of party workers, which include Mian Aziz-ur-Rehman Chan and Syed Zahid Bokhari Advocate, have struggled for over 40 years under the party banner and have worked day and night for its propagation.


What the PPP needs now, at this very moment with the elections as close as they are, is to appoint someone at the Lahore level who is capable of running the scene and ensuring success in the first transition of democracy Pakistan is going to witness in its 60-plus year history.


Being a solider of President Asif Ali Zardari and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Mr. Chan has always been and continues to be a valuable asset for the largest political party in Pakistan. Workers at every level of the city need some true guidance and someone to address their needs and wants along with award the right people with party tickets for the up and coming elections and no one could be better than Mr. Chan at the moment.


The appointment of a seasoned politician such as Mian Manzoor Watoo at the Punjab level depicted the political wisdom of President Zardari, and now the next move at the Lahore forum should also do the same. It would definitely be in their best interests to do so at the start of the New Year so that workers can begin preparing for the upcoming general elections.


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4 Comments for “Why Mian Aziz-ur-Rehman Chan should be named next President of PPP Lahore”

  1. mian attique ur rehman

    aslam o laikum.
    Pakistan people party is the party which always give respect to their workers who work hard day and night and HAJII AZIZ UR REHMAN CHAN is the one of them he always ready to serve his party.one thing i want to tell u Hajji Aziz UR Rrhman chan offered by PML-N to serve there party and have a rank what u like but he refuses and says HE can die but can’t do this. Such a great Leader I Had seen in my life.

  2. atif

    mr.chan is a good representative of ppp


    aslaam o aliqum MIAN AZIZ UR REHMAN CHAN wajbul izat hain humary liye or hamri hosh ma ajj tak humnay jab sohna ya dehka to unho nay ppp k liye jaan tak deny ka kaha h or wo apni party k saat muhklis hain bina kisi lalach k or ajj tak many itna naik or imandaar insan party ma kam dehka hy apki azmat ko slaam hay ma dil say apki izat karta hon or apko tarki sabsy unchi manzil pa dehkna chato hon ALLAH apko har qadam par kamyabi atta kary [ameen]

  4. wajbul izat and nice person ALLAH apko har qadam pa tarki day ameen

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